We believe that living a more sustainable, natural lifestyle is attainable not only for those living in wide-open spaces, but also for those of us who call suburbia home. We’re here to prove that sometimes what seems to be the smallest steps can collectively make the biggest impact. We don’t achieve to do life perfectly, expertly or waste-free. Rather, we seek to encourage, explore and create in our calling to be responsible stewards of Creation. As you adventure with us in our ordinary, messy musings, our hope is that you can see that “As for Me and My House we will serve the LORD.”

Jeff & Jen

The Dream Team – otherwise known as “Mum” and “Dad”

We are a young family of four, carving out our pretty ordinary existence in a mid-sized Canadian city.
Some people call us “hippies.” Others have called us “rednecks.”
But really, we’re just bringing a little bit of country to the suburbs. Complete with Anna, Elsa, Rosie, and Macaroni‚Ķ.our urban-dwelling flock of chickens.

I’m the writer. He’s my cheerleader, tech-support, inspiration, converted city-boy-gone-country, and all-around the best life partner and Dad to our two free-spirited girls.

Email us: feddema.jen@gmail.com

Zoe & Elsie

Big Sis and Little Sis

The best of friends and the worst of enemies. Stuck together like glue. These two are our sidekick gardeners, sous chefs and all-around crafting extraordinaires.

These two are also the reason why we feel called to sometimes follow the path less traveled. They fuel our desire for change, to embrace the slower-way of doing life. Because someday we want them to remember that we made a small difference in their lives, shaping their perspective in their role as fellow caretakers of this place we call “Home.”