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It seems that I’ve just jumped into this whole blogging thing without a somewhat formal introduction, so today I want to take the time to let you guys take a peek into my life, who I am, and what led to the the birth of “Me and My House.”

Where to begin with this? I’m a thirty year-old stay-at-home mom to Zoe (4) and Elsie (2), and any stay-at-home mom out there knows that “stay-at-home” is hardly a fair description for the 100’s of roles we are each day. I wake up every morning as myself, but by 9:30 A.M., I’ve usually managed to enact the role of  Mom, wife, Cat Boy, Peppa Pig, ballet dancer and some variation of Elsa/Anna/and/or Olaf. In the couple of hours of quiet that I get during nap time and bed time, I love to read, journal, decorate, cook, thrift, work-out, explore my city, all while drinking HOT, un-microwaved coffee. These things are even more enjoyable when done with my main man, Jeff, who I’m sure you’ll all hear a lot about. He’s my rock, my encourager, the guy I share everything with, and without him, the birth of this blog would never have come to be. So yes, you’ll hear me gush about him from time to time. Sorry, not sorry.



The idea of this blog has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. I’ve always loved to write and in fact, I have a big box of journals dating back to my 5 year-old self. Unfortunately, my passion for writing got buried beneath motherhood and for the past four years, I’ve barely written a thing. About two months ago, I started a journaling class online that has forced me to dive back into writing, and I’ve suddenly developed this voracious appetite for putting words down. I feel like I’m the best version of myself when I can freely write, and so I have chosen this platform to keep me accountable to that passion.

I think most young moms out there can relate to losing themselves in some shape or form as they embrace their new found identity of “Mom.”  Sleepless nights, long days, nursing, schedules, picky eaters, temper tantrums, teething, fevers, potty training – all these things are a recipe for being drained by the end of our day. Self-care is often the last thing on my mind when I’ve got the girls tucked in for the night. I usually just want to find the nearest couch, my glass of wine, and numb my mind on HGTV for the next two hours before I go to bed. But I’ve come to realize that my girls deserve the best of me…and I can only be my best when I’ve taken care of myself and when I’ve connected with the passions that make me feel alive.

My Mom was someone who emulated intentional self-care before self-care was even a buzz phrase. I remember as a kid, going to bed and falling asleep to the light glowing under my bedroom door from the dining room where my mom had her easel set up. She would paint masterpieces all while my brother and I slept. As we grew older, she still pursued her interests – she took a watercolour class, played volleyball, took a Judo class. Now that I’m a mom myself, I realize that these were not easy passions to pursue with young kids in tow. But she did it. And I firmly believe that she was a better mom for it. That’s what I want Zoe and Elsie to see. I want them to see me doing the things that make me me, and I want them to know that making time for self-care is not selfish. I want them to know that writing this blog has brought me one step closer to living intentionally and being the best mom I can be for them.

So why the name “Me and My House”? At the end of last year, Jeff and I felt really convicted to come up with a “Top 5” list of core values for our family to live by. (A blog post on this will be coming up soon!) As we came up with our list, a Bible verse that kept resonating with us was Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” We decided that this verse would be one of the founding truths upon which our family would be built. Since this blog is an extension of not only my life, but also the life of my family, I felt that “Me and My House” would be a reminder of what the purpose of this blog is – to share moments from our lives of serving the Lord with intention.

So thank you for joining me on this journey! It may not be the most exciting journey. I can’t guarantee super insightful posts all the time, or even super consistent posts (I am quite busy, after all, drinking cold coffee while being Elsa/Anna/and/or Olaf). But I can guarantee that the time spent here will be real, and hopefully, rich with intention.


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