Finding Rest in Hospitality

It looked like a tornado had ravaged its way through our house. Toys were strewn from bedrooms, to living room, to bathroom, to playroom and back again. Dishes were piled and overflowing in the sink. We could feed one of our girls for a week with the amount of crumbs underneath the table. Somebody's kid … Continue reading Finding Rest in Hospitality

February’s Challenge: Living with Less

First off - thanks to all of my readers who commented/messaged me with their feedback on my last post. You guys have given me some really great food for thought (pardon to pun!) with paring down our grocery bill each month. I've also received quite a few questions about our bi-weekly meal rotation. Let it … Continue reading February’s Challenge: Living with Less

Keeping Up with the Jones’….Or Not.

Money and I have a love/hate relationship. Everything about it stresses me out. I sit in bank meetings and my eyes slowly glaze over. Don't ask me what a mutual fund is. Or what the current interest rate is. I mean, seriously...I just figured out what a tax-free savings account is. Now I whip out … Continue reading Keeping Up with the Jones’….Or Not.

Learning from a Difficult Year

I feel like I can't continue writing posts until I've written a bit about something that has become extremely near and dear to our hearts as a family. The year 2017 was a hard year for us: a year full of travel for Jeff, weeks of single-parenting for me, health issues, a difficult toddler, a … Continue reading Learning from a Difficult Year