Time: On Being Managed, Disposable, Blessed and Holy

As I type this, I'm listening to the quiet rain fall outside, the streetlights shimmering in the dusk. It's a quiet night...so far. I have the evening to myself, waiting for Jeff to fly home from his most recent work trip. The girls are tucked into bed extra early, one battling after-school exhaustion, and the … Continue reading Time: On Being Managed, Disposable, Blessed and Holy

Being Obsessed with Busy

It's been a while. For the past (almost) two weeks, I've been living in a stuffed head, sore-throated fevered fog. It's somewhat ironic how my challenge for March is to rest. And then I was really forced to rest. And pop Tylenol and drink fluids and consume cough candies like bonbons. Last week was March … Continue reading Being Obsessed with Busy

Finding Rest in Hospitality

It looked like a tornado had ravaged its way through our house. Toys were strewn from bedrooms, to living room, to bathroom, to playroom and back again. Dishes were piled and overflowing in the sink. We could feed one of our girls for a week with the amount of crumbs underneath the table. Somebody's kid … Continue reading Finding Rest in Hospitality

Rules and Sabbath Rest: Four “Ts” to Kick-Start the Sabbath

Before we go any further on this journey together, it should be made known that both Jeff and I are firstborns. So when I mentioned in my last post that I'm your get-it-done kind of gal, you should also be made aware that Jeff is painted with a similar brush. I definitely won't go as … Continue reading Rules and Sabbath Rest: Four “Ts” to Kick-Start the Sabbath

March’s Challenge – Sabbath Rest

I'm a doer, a lover of scratching things off my list, checking all the boxes, implementing and perfecting the schedule. I'm your girl if you need something done. Multi-tasking is my jam. I make plans to make plans. I schedule time to make schedules. Organization makes me happy. Rest? Who needs rest? I live under … Continue reading March’s Challenge – Sabbath Rest